Former nurse alleges a male warden raped 80 yr old woman in Wolston Park Mental Hospital early 1980s

Jo Clifford trained as a mental health nurse at Wolston Park Mental Hospital from 1980 to the end of 1982. What she alleges to have witnessed was shocking. She reported the abuse of patients, the alleged rape of an 80 year old defenceless woman by a male warden, the detention of a 5 year old in a locked ward, the smoking chimneys of the institution’s morgue.

Nurse Jo Clifford’s claims her tyres were slashed in retaliation and the perpetrators never bought to account. She asks what happened her complaints? What happened to that 5 year old boy she saw locked up in an institution for adults? Did he just go up in smoke like so many others? Was he one of the children buried in a grave marked with a number? Listen and make up your own mind. Should there be an inquiry into the abuses at Wolston Park Mental Hospital?

Listen to the first episode of my interview with Jo Clifford here.

Interview with Jo Clifford, Former Mental Health Nurse, Wolston Park Mental Hospital

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