Betty Taylor adds her voice to the calls for an Inquiry into Wolston Park Mental Hospital

Betty Taylor, Founder and Director of Red Rose Foundation

Betty Taylor is widely known and revered for her tireless advocacy on behalf of survivors of domestic family violence in Qld. In this podcast for Remembering Randall, she tells a different story.

In 2017 Betty was commissioned by the then Minister of Health Cameron Dick to undertake an investigation and provide two reports (one confidential and one public) on the harms experienced by a number of women, who as children and state wards were admitted, against the law, to locked adult mental wards at Wolston Park Mental Hospital. This occurred, as far as we know, from the 1950s to the 1980s and there were at least 60, but could have been more. There has never been an inquiry this century into Wolston Park, and Betty tells why there should be one.

After reading her reconciliation plan For Child Placements by Qld Government In Adult Mental Health Facilities, I asked Betty Taylor to be interviewed.

Trigger warnings for listeners this podcast contains very distressing details about sexual assault, chemical restraint, and suicide.

Listen to the Podcast Here

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