Dr Lesley van Schoubroeck, former Qld Mental Health Commissioner, says inquiry into Wolston Park Mental Hospital long overdue

On LinkedIn Lesley responded to the podcast published yesterday as follows:

“Very happy to help your campaign.

As a general rule, I don’t think it is appropriate for former CEOs to comment on matters related to that work environment, but this matter is not core to the work of Queensland Mental Health Commission. It is more a matter of my strong belief that society cannot move on unless we acknowledge the travesties of the past.

Qld govt owes it to people abused in #Wolston and to their families, to investigate what happened there and why. Who allowed wards of the State, people with disability, gay people, to be incarcerated and forceably treated?

I would like to think that the redress for the #wolstonwomen in 2017 was the beginning and not the end. I may have initiated that but as I acknowledge in the podcast that could not have happened without the support of the Minister Cameron Dick, then DG of Health Michael Walsh and Graham Kraak who is the unsung hero of that settlement.


Post by Lesley van Schoubroeck Linked In 21 July 2022

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