In honour of Francesca and Randall- Suicide Victims From Wolston Park

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Professor Selena Bartlett

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Professor Selena Bartlett

In honour of Francesca and Randall. Join Kerry Carrington and I on the Thriving minds podcast-link in the comments.

Our siblings, Francesca and Randall, were both made ward of the state at Wolston Park in 1970’s and 1980’s.

This interview is for them. Their wish is that others do not suffer the same fate.

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6 responses to “In honour of Francesca and Randall- Suicide Victims From Wolston Park”

  1. I am so sorry for the ones who committed suicide as they would of been just so tormented.
    I thought that terrible and awful painting had been destroyed.

    1. Thanks Lesley for your comment. For me, it’s not the painting that’s awful – it is the haunting human horror it’s depicting that is awful.

  2. I know the human horror as I went through it as I am in the boat. Painting needs to go as a dreadful dark and awful thing. Most don’t like it and that has been said by them.

    1. Dear Lesley,

      I have replaced the image with that of my brother, who went through a hideous time in that place. My apologies if it upset you. My heart goes out to you as a survivor of that hell hole, Wolston Park.

  3. That place was a living hell I was placed there at 16. I thought what I suffered at the hands of my parents was bad until I was placed in Osler House.

    1. Unfortunately Debbie children who were victims of child abuse @ parental neglect were punished by a penal welfare system instead of supported – I hear your pain

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