Randall the Poet

The Descent of Man

Georgie Porgie sweet sugared cocaine

Missed the girls

Because they never came back again

They live in their own wizardry worlds

With nothing to hide the feeling inside

I suppose that’s why they call them girls

But somewhere in their infantry heads

There lie’s the thoughts of making beds

Cotton threads and eyes of blue

Then they turn to ladies of light

With Words that sprinkle and hold each other tight

They kiss for love, they kiss for gin,

They love to laugh through sorrow or shame

They clench their teeth

And when it comes to the crunch

They brush with chocolate

They always skip lunch

They make you feel life

They give you their time

They give you their heart,

Then they just leave you right back at the start

Men see you in the mist of moonlight

But they never say, they keep it quiet

Men treat the world with indifference

Each the same in basic terms

But steal the shape of a Prince

Which gives a spark of intelligence to his father’s sperm

They talk in rhymes and letter of verse

They spew at the face of morality

They give you the feeling of imbalanced normality

Like the sands under the mighty waves of the power of Good

Ever sinking into the depths of despair

For all the suffering which to me is here

But some drift slowly towards distant shores of hope

Rocking the land of human consent

To do the things that man desires

To feel the glory of his own descent.

Randall Scott Carrington circa 1977

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